Frequently Asked Questions

Residents, Community, and Rentals

Who lives in the building?

While the majority of Tudor Arms condominiums are owner-occupied, some co-owners choose to lease their apartments. Long-term leases are permitted by the bylaws and amendments; transient rentals such as Air BnBs are specifically prohibited. A transient rental is considered one lasting in length 90 days or less.

How can I communicate with fellow residents?

If you are a resident or co-owner and have not registered on this website, please do so. Registration will allow you access to communication tools not available to the general public. If your registration is not approved within 48 hours, please contact P.J. Morgan to make sure that the Board of Administrators is aware of your ownership and/or long-term rental of a Tudor Arms condominium.

Via links on this website, registered co-owners or renters can communicate directly with the Board of Administrators, start a conversation with other residents in the community forums, contribute suggestions to the website administrator, or send an emergency alert to other residents when appropriate. The Board also maintains a closed Facebook group (“Tudor Arms Condominium Owners”). Of course, you are also encouraged to introduce yourself to your fellow residents in the hallways, basements, parking lot, or courtyard!

Who serves on the Board of Administrators?

Members of the Board of the Administrators serve as volunteers and are elected by their fellow co-owners. Positions and responsibilities are determined by the Board once members have been elected. Current membership and positions are provided on the “HOA Board Members” link.

Can I rent out my unit through Air BnB or a similar service?

No. Our bylaws and amendments prohibit short-term or transient rentals. The Tudor Arms Board of Administrators is entrusted with maintaining a safe residential community in the midst of a lively, rapidly developing urban neighborhood. This requires trust, familiarity, and respect among residents because we share common spaces such as the parking lot, laundry rooms, basement/garage hallways, and the courtyard. A transient rental is considered one lasting in length 90 days or less. The fine for transient rentals is $100/night, which will be added to the co-owner’s next month’s dues.

I would like to be involved in the Tudor Arms community. How can I contribute?

There is so much you could do! Please bring your bright ideas to the HOA Board; we would love for more residents to be involved in making our community warmer and our building more beautiful!

Here are some areas that we know need attention: Our courtyard could benefit from residents with green thumbs or the urge to help with seasonably appropriate decorating. A neighborhood liaison (or a team thereof) could represent our community’s interests at Blackstone Neighborhood Association and other neighborhood or city meetings—and could report back to the Board and the Tudor Arms community about developments that affect us all. Our website could benefit from more news articles, links, and conversations. Some condominium communities have social clubs or representatives that organize outings and events in common areas; if you’re of a social bent, please feel free to start organizing.

Are pets allowed in the Tudor Arms?

We are a pet-friendly building and the usual domestic pets—cats, dogs, small reptiles,etc.—are permitted in the community. However, it is each pet owner's responsibility to control pet noise, prevent all aggression or threat thereof, thoroughly clean any mess created, and repair any damage to common areas associated with the pet. (More details can be found in the bylaws and amendments posted on the "Tudor Arms Documents" link.) Pet waste stations are located helpfully throughout the Blackstone neighborhood. Pet waste left in the courtyard or any other common areas may result in the banishment of the pet from that common area. Please note: renters must conform to the terms of their individual leases as co-owners have the right not to permit pets in their condominiums.

Dues and Payments

How do I pay my HOA dues?

You may pay your HOA dues via check or through online payment.

If you prefer to mail or drop-off your dues, you should pay via check written to P.J. Morgan Real Estate. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  The address for your dues remittance is:

P.J. Morgan Real Estate
7801 Wakeley Plaza
Omaha, NE  68114

To pay dues online, download the AppFolio app and create an account. 

Why are the HOA dues so expensive?

Tudor Arms HOA dues pay for everything we share, including the costs of heat, sewer, water, trash/recycling, building maintenance, lawn care, cleaning of common areas, and electricity in building common areas. As our historical building nears the century mark, it requires frequent repairs and updating. Because many of the building elements that help create the building's historical charm are of non-standard sizes and types, such repairs can be costly. In addition, each year’s annual budget includes moneys set aside for planned improvements. (Examples of major improvements in recent years include the refurbishment of the boiler, new sections of the roof, extensive masonry work on the fountain, and replacement of the main water line connecting our building to the city water source.)  We also maintain a reserve for future emergencies. Keeping HOA dues proportionate to the true maintenance and updating costs of our historical building has minimized the need for special assessments. 

What happens if I don’t pay my HOA dues?

HOA dues fund the operation of our building and must be paid. Unpaid dues will result in a lien on your condominium unit.

Maintenance and Emergencies

Who should I call regarding maintenance issues?

It depends on the issue. If the issue is within the walls of your condo, you (or the condo owner or agency from whom you rent) are responsible for contacting and paying a suitable repairperson. If the issue occurs in a common area of the property—e.g., the courtyard, laundry rooms, or common hallways—you should contact PJ Morgan Real Estate, our property management company. Our Property Manager is Miranda McQuillan. She can be reached at 402-397-7775 or if you prefer, at [email protected]. You can submit a Maintenance Request through AppFolio. For an emergency, call 402-397-7775 and select option 1. 

What should I do if there is an emergency in the building?

As in any living situation, you should first contact the agency most appropriate to the nature of the emergency—e.g., the police, the fire department, or OPPD. If the nature of the emergency makes it appropriate to inform other building residents, please use the “Emergency Alerts” function on this website to notify other owners.

If the emergency requires immediate maintenance (for example, a pipe bursts in a common area or the heat stops working altogether in sub-freezing weather), contact PJ Morgan, our property management company. During non-business hours such as nights and weekends, the PJ Morgan answering machine message provides phone numbers to call and instructions for reporting true emergencies. Please follow these instructions.


Parking, Garages, and Storage

What’s the deal with the parking lot?

All cars parked in the building lot—located just north of the building—must display valid Tudor Arms permits, which must be easily visible through the windshield. Tudor Arms provides two parking permits for each condominium to which no in-building garage is assigned. Parking in the lot is not reserved or guaranteed; it is first-come, first-serve. Any car not displaying a permit may be towed at any time. 

What’s the deal with garages?

If you own a garage (or rent a unit that includes a garage) in the Tudor Arms, you will not be assigned any parking permits. Tudor Arms bylaws specify that garages must be occupied by working vehicles and are not intended solely or primarily for storing non-vehicular items. You are responsible for maintaining your garage and for repairing it as well as for reporting any issues affecting your garage but originating outside of ite.g., a pipe leaking in the ceiling of the garage.

What’s the deal with the storage units?      

No condominium may be assigned more than one storage unit, and the number posted on the unit door should match the number of the condominium to which it is assigned. Storage units are assigned by the Board of Administrators; any unit that remains unlocked for more than two weeks may be reassigned to a condominium currently on the waiting list. Purchasing a lock is the responsibility of the owner or renter assigned to the unit. If no storage unit is assigned to your condominium, contact the Board of Administrators to place your name on the waiting list for the next available unit.

I have an unwanted furniture item/appliance or items too large to fit in my assigned storage unit. May I discard these items by the dumpster or store them in the basement?

No. It is each co-owner or renter’s responsibility to haul away unwanted items that do not fit in the dumpster or their assigned storage spaces—or that are inappropriate or unsafe to dispose of. Residents found to have inappropriately stored or discarded items in any building common space, in the parking lot, next to the dumpster, or elsewhere on the grounds, will be fined the full cost incurred for the professional removal of the item(s).