Things to Know When you Buy or Rent

We are so excited you are considering buying or renting in our special Blackstone home! Below are some items to note before you buy or rent.

HOA Dues
As a prospective buyer, you have mandatory HOA dues each month. These dues are calculated via the size of your unit. The dues cover building expenses, such as: all building and unit water, common area only electric, building only gas, heating of the entire building including units, snow removal, lawn care, common area maintenance, and insurance. HOA dues are generally not paid by your title company, you are immediately liable for dues or even unpaid dues of the previous owner of your unit. You are responsible for any special assessment as decided by the board.

Rental Agreements

If you decide to engage in a rental agreement of your unit, you must provide that rental agreement to the HOA. 

Building Heat
The building is heated by a boiler system, replaced in 2023. Heat costs are paid monthly via your HOA dues. Each unit has radiators to provide heat. There is no building wide cooling system, and each individual owner is responsible for cooling costs and equipment.

There is a security system, with cameras covering most entrances and the parking lot. 

Some units own a garage, other units do not. Those units who own a garage can park in the garage or in the space directly behind it. Those units who do not have a garage are allotted two parking passes to park in the shared parking lot. Garage owners are not allowed to park there, unless using a 30 minute pass. Your car must be in working order, and garage space or parking lot space cannot be used as storage.

PJ Morgan

PJ Morgan is the management of our building, not individual units. They cover major building projects, but no work for individual unit issues or repairs. 



Tudor Arms utilizes Hillside Solutions for all of our recycling and composting. We feature glass, paper, cardboard and aluminum, as well as compost.